Friday, August 5, 2011

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hai korang! hehehehe.. pose tak pose??

harap korang pose la yer.. kalo tak posa nti tuhan marah, masok api newake..:D

okeh, jom baca syarat2 fentin utk korang join GA nih.. Wajib buat tau!
1. First of all , do LIKE my WirdaWarna Facebook page
2. Make a simple entry about this GiveAway and dont forget to put on the banner in your entry (which provided up there) .
3. Do follow me & my blogshop WIRDAWARNA, just to make you easier with this giveaway updates .
4. Do tag at least 2 of your friends and make sure that they aware with your tag.
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5. DONE ! and leave your link HERE !

okeh, GA nih berakhir pada 25 August 2011..

tak lama lagi tuh.. jom join cecepat! :D

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